Civil Design
We design the foundations and housings for substations and transformer plinths.

Civil Design Package

Taking into account local conditions by examination of flood risk assessments, geotechnical; reports and topographical surveys.

Our civil design package includes:

  • Site plans with cable routes, access arrangement, drainage details etc
  • Reinforced Concrete (R.C) Foundation detail
  • R.C. floor slab and cable trench detail
  • Civil floor plans & Civil sections
  • Support steelwork details
  • Electrical general arrangements
  • Heating and lighting arrangements
  • Safety signs
  • Earthing detail
  • Planning Drawing (elevations, site plan, location plan and material specification)
  • Structural Design Calculations
  • Access road design
  • Fencing design
  • Assessing mitigation site flood risk issues
  • Setting site levels including cut and fill arrangements