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In power systems consultation, design & analysis

UCE offer the following services to a wide range of sectors

Power Systems Engineering

Planning and design of utility and private electrical networks from low voltage up to 132kV.

Network Design

We have extensive experience of providing designs for electrical networks (Utility & Private Wire) from 132kV to low voltage

Protection Studies

UCE ensures your protection scheme system operates as required during fault conditions to minimise the extent of an outage, damage to equipment and possible injury to personnel.

Earthing Design

We pride ourselves in the production of efficient and economical designs, which consider the safety of people, equipment, livestock and the environment.

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Power Systems Analysis

NEPLAN, SKM PowerTools & ATP – EMTP software packages support us to provide a comprehensive range of power system studies

Civil Design

We provide a comprehensive civil design service for the construction of substations and transformer plinths.


Our qualifications include the following:


Power systems consultancy design & analysis

We all rely on electricity

Therefore a safe, resilient and secure electrical power network is critical to minimise interruptions, damage and losses.

With our broad range of knowledge and experience of electrical power systems we offer the following services:

  • Electrical Network Design (132kV, 66kV, 33kV, 20kV, 11kV and Low Voltage)
  • Protection Studies for new and existing networks
  • Earthing Measurements, Earthing System Design and Testing
  • Power System Studies e.g. Load Flow, Short Circuit Calculations, Transient Stability Studies, Harmonic Studies
  • Civil Design – Substations and Transformer plinths

Our services are used by

  • Traditional Generators
  • Generators of Renewable Energy
  • Independent Connection Providers (ICP’s)
  • High Voltage Maintenance Companies
  • Data Centres
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Universities
  • Health
  • Rail
  • Large industrial and manufacturing companies


Network Design

UCE has extensive experience of providing designs for electrical networks (Utility and Private Wire) from 132kV to Low Voltage.

The design process includes:

  • Fault Level and Load Flow Studies
  • The Specification of Switchgear
  • The Specification of Protection and Control schemes
  • The Sizing of Current Transformers
  • Cable Sizing
  • Sizing of Battery Charges
  • The Design of Earthing Systems
  • The Design of Substation Housings and Foundations
  • Interfacing to SCADA Systems
  • Protection Grading Studies
  • Cable Route and Trench Profile Drawings
  • Legal Drawings depicting New Easements and Leases
  • In the New Connections Market we work in partnership with ICP’s designing the contestable work for demand and generation projects.
  • UCE has been awarded Lloyds (NERS) Full Accreditation for design from LV to 132kV.
  • We also provide Private Wire solutions for critical and non-critical applications for the Data Centre, Health, Rail, Commercial and Industrial Markets.


Protection Studies

Correct operation of circuit breakers during instances of network faults will minimise the extent of an outage, damage to cabling and switchgear and possible injury to personnel.

Using the NEPLAN and SKM PowerTools software we provide fault level and protection discrimination studies for new and existing networks.

Existing Networks

The Electricity at Work Regulations places various requirements on duty holders in relation to electrical systems. Having an up to date protection study is relevant to various regulations to maintain a safe system.

A Protection Study Audit will ensure the protection system operates as required during fault conditions.

Our Audit will:

  • Confirm network fault levels and fault rating of equipment
  • Ensure the electrical network is protected against overloads and short circuits
  • Maintain maximum supply availability
  • Review existing settings
  • Provide recommendations for new settings to maintain discrimination
  • Provide an up to date single line diagram of the electrical network.


Earthing Design

Earthing Systems

We pride ourselves in the production of efficient and economical designs, which consider the safety of people, equipment, livestock and the environment.

At UCE we work seamlessly between disciplines allowing the earthing design to be completed in concurrence with the structural, civil and electrical designs. This results in an earthing system which considers all aspects of the design and allows for a timely and cost effective delivery.

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Soil Resistivity

Our engineers have the ability and equipment to complete soil resistivity measurements and produce a soil model. After liaising with the asset and land owners as required and positively identifying any services on site, we complete a sufficient quantity of soil resistivity measurements to accurately represent the site. These measurements are entered into either XGSLab GSA_FD or CDEGS-RESAP which calculate an accurate soil model. The major benefit of using either XGSLab GSA_FD or CDEGS-RESAP, is that both software considers situations with multi-layer soils.

Earth Electrode Design

A representation of the site is modelled in AutoCAD and imported along with the soil model into either XGSLab GSA_FD or CDEGS-MALZ which is used to calculate the earthing resistance.

After calculating the earth return current we can calculate the Earth Potential Rise of the grid using either XGSLab GSA_FD or CDEGS-MALZ. The resulting touch and step potentials are then evaluated against the safe limits, as determined using the applicable guides and standards.

Earth surface potential contours will also be produced and used to evaluate transferred voltages on proximate assets, fences and services.

The earthing system design along with any required mitigation measures will be recommended in our earthing design report. We produce our construction drawings to the client’s standards in AutoCAD.

Induced Voltages

Voltages induced on services and fencing from incomers or feeders can also be calculated and the resultant risk quantified. Where required mitigation measures are recommended and designed.


Power Systems Analysis

Power System Studies

Using the NEPLAN, SKM PowerTools and EMTP-ATP software we provide a comprehensive range of power system studies:

  • Load Flow and Fault Level studies
  • Harmonic Studies to ensure compliance with Engineering Recommendation G5/4
  • Sizing of Harmonic Filters
  • Transient Stability Analysis
  • Voltage transient studies e.g. Transformer Energisation studies to ensure compliance with Engineering Recommendation P28
  • Motor Starting calculations


Civil Design

Civil Design Package

We design the foundations and housings for substations and transformer plinths.

Taking into account local conditions by examination of flood risk assessments, geotechnical; reports and topographical surveys. Our civil design package includes:

  • Site plans complete with cable routes, access arrangement, drainage details etc
  • Reinforced Concrete (R.C) Foundation detail
  • R.C. floor slab and cable trench detail
  • Civil floor plans
  • Civil sections
  • Support steelwork details
  • Electrical general arrangements
  • Heating and lighting arrangements
  • Safety signs
  • Earthing detail
  • Planning Drawing (elevations, site plan, location plan and material specification)
  • Structural Design Calculations


About UCE, Contacts & Testimonials

A little bit about us…

Utility Consultancy & Engineering Limited was established in 2006 as the first multi-utility and infrastructure services advisory body.

Initially formed to address the utility engineering skills gap and seize the increasing opportunities resulting from deregulation in the new connections market we have evolved into an Power Systems Consultancy and Designer.

Not forgetting our roots our unique blend of utility engineering, design, rights and regulation expertise can still be called upon to identify (and, where possible, mitigate) the risks and costs utilities have on new development projects.

We work with clients – from land acquisition to completion – providing a range of services to ensure you minimise your exposure to these factors impacting on your project.


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