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Protection Studies

Correct operation of circuit breakers during instances of network faults will minimise the extent of an outage, damage to cabling and switchgear and  possible injury to personnel.

Using the NETPLAN and SKM PowerTools software we provide fault level and protection discrimination studies.

Existing Networks

The Electricity at Work Regulations places various requirements on duty holders in relation to electrical systems. Having an up to date protection study is relevant to various regulations to maintain a safe system.

A Protection Study Audit will ensure the protection system operates as required during fault conditions.

Our Audit will:

  • Fault Level and Load Flow Studies
  • Confirm network fault levels and fault rating of equipment
  • Ensure the electrical network is protected against overloads and short circuits
  • Maintain maximum supply availability
  • Review existing settings
  • Provide recommendations for new settings to maintain discrimination
  • Provide an up to date single line diagram of the electrical network.