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Earthing Design

Earthing Systems

UCE can assist the asset owner through earthing system analyses and design. We pride ourselves in the production of efficient and economical designs, which consider the safety of people, equipment and the environment.

At UCE we work seamlessly between disciplines allowing the earthing design to be completed in concurrence with the structural, civil and electrical designs. This results in an earthing system which considers all aspects of the design and allows for a timely and cost effective delivery.

Soil Resistivity

Our engineers have the ability and equipment to complete soil resistivity measurements and produce a soil model. After liaising with the asset and land owners as required and positively identifying any services on site, we complete a sufficient quantity of soil resistivity measurements to accurately represent the site. These measurements are entered into the RESAP module of CDEGS which calculates an accurate soil model. One major benefit of using this package is it considers situations with multi-layer soils.

Earth Electrode Design

A representation of the site is modelled in CAD and imported along with our soil model into CDEGS-MALZ which is used to calculate the earthing resistance.

After calculating the earth return current we can calculate the Earth Potential Rise of the grid using MALZ and then evaluate the resulting step and touch potentials against the safe limits as determined using the applicable guides and standards. Earth surface potential contours will also be produced and used to evaluate transferred voltages on proximate assets, fences and services.

The earthing system design along with any required mitigation measures will be recommended in our earthing design report. We produce our construction drawings to the client’s standards in AutoCAD.

Induced Voltages

Voltages induced on services and fencing from incomers or feeders can also be calculated and the resultant risk quantified. Where required mitigation measures are recommended and designed.